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Single Car Premade Garages For sale in PA

The Premier Garden Shed Garages are the latest in our ongoing effort to provide the best in the premade one car garage industry. This FANCY PREMADE CAR GARAGE is designed to add beauty and plenty of storage space to your property. Scroll down to see the many standard features on this 1 car garage from Lancaster, PA. We are happy that these amazingly roomy car garages will be delivered as a completed unit with the addition of a specially designed trailer. And don’t forget that our shed and garage delivery area reaches PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA and beyond. Please feel free to contact us at 717-442-3281 and speak with one of our professional sales reps or email

Wood Premier Premade Car Garages

Garden Dutch Garden Dutch
12x20 6210 6630 14x20 7928 8483
12x24 6931 7408 14x24 8836 9454
12x28 7653 8187 14x28 9744 10427
12x30 8016 8576 14x32 10652 11398
12x32 8376 8966 14x36 11561 12370
12x36 9098 9745 14x40 12471 13343
12x40 9820 10523 14x44 13379 14316
14x48 14287 15287

It is easy to tell that in the pre-made and portable car garage world the Premier Garden Shed Garages are hard to beat. Combining a roomy interior with an aesthetically pleasing exterior, these premade 1 Car Garages are a fabulous choice to add both charm and value to your property.

Buy a Premade Garage in PA

Premier Vinyl Pre-made Garage Prices

Garden Dutch Garden Dutch
12x20 7783 8045 14x20 9343 9664
12x24 8183 9015 14x24 10433 10797
12x28 9118 9986 14x28 11524 11928
12x30 9585 10471 14x32 12615 13060
12x32 10053 10956 14x36 13706 14193
12x36 11523 11926 14x40 14796 15325
12x40 12457 12897 14x44 15885 16456
14x48 16977 17589

We offer the Premier Garage Sheds for delivery throughout PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and beyond. Call us at 717-442-3281 for a FREE ESTIMATE on any premade car garage shed with the options of your choice or email us to find out more about having a pref fab shed garage delivered and installed on your property.

Premier Clapboard Pre-made Garage Prices

Garden Dutch Garden Dutch
12x20 8730 8992 14x20 10305 10627
12x24 9780 10019 14x24 11510 11872
12x28 10830 11160 14x28 12716 13120
12x30 11355 11703 14x32 13920 14366
12x32 11880 12245 14x36 15124 15611
12x36 12930 13330 14x40 16330 16859
12x40 13980 14415 14x44 17714 18284
14x48 18936 19546

Take a real step up from the rest and buy a Clapboard Garage that is premade in our Lancaster, PA manufacturing facility. The featured garages is located in Morgantown, PA. Buy a Premier Car Garage for one or two cars and you will love how it stands out from the rest!

Architectural Specifications

  • Pressure Treated Skids
  • 2×4 floor joists 12 inches on center
  • 5/8th flooring
  • 2×4 walls and trusses 16 inches on center
  • 80in high walls
  • Four extra large windows, transoms and shutters
  • 9x6ft 6in Homestead garage door with glass
  • Double Entrance doors and classic hinges
  • Max roof pitch with 6in overhang all around on Workshop
  • Barn/gambrel-style roof for maximum interior storage
  • Classic gable vents
  • Painted Wooden, Vinyl or Custom siding
  • 30 year architectural shingles

Great Shed and Great Service


rom beginning to end, the service was outstanding. I loved the fact that I could buy a prefabricated shed that was such good quality and good looking for such a reasonable price. It is exactly what I wanted and needed without having to hire anyone to build it. Everything was seamless! – Charles, Marion, North Carolina