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Most of the Amish Built Sheds Unlimited storage sheds can be custom ordered as a STORAGE SHED KIT PACKAGE for assembly on-site. If for any reason installing a completed storage building into the backyard is not an option or if you are simply a handyman at heart and would like to try your own skills, then an Economy Shed Kit, Vinyl Sided Storage Shed Kit, Classic Amish Sheds Kit or a Premier Garden Storage Shed Kit might work perfectly for you. Simply choose on of our Outdoor Barns and Sheds as a Kit and we will send out the package with a DVD and assembly instructions. These backyard storage shed kits can be partially customized with extra windows or doors for your convenience.
Please Note: We do not offer all options in our DIY Storage Shed Kits. Our Do-it-Yourself shed kits do not offer a very simple assemble. If you are unsure about the process, please speak with a sales rep to ensure you have the skills needed to assemble a storage shed kit.

Call 717-442-3281 to find out if a shed kit is for you.

Q and A on Building a Storage Shed Kit

1. How much time will it take to assemble the storage shed building kit?

Erecting the shed kit should take one to three days depending on your level of expertise.

2.What do I need to build a barn or shed kit on my site?
  1. A hammer (power tools work great)
  2. Three inch nails or screws
  3. One and three quarter inch nails or screws
  4. Tape measure
  5. Screw gun
  6. Hand saw or sawzall (for just a few cuts)
  7. Sledge hammer (optional)
  8. Utility knife
  9. Small speed square
3. How many people are needed to assemble a Storage Shed Kit?
  • We recommend at least 2 and at times 3-4
  • This will depend on the size of the garden shed kit
4. What if I have problems assembling the prefab kit?

Maybe you are asking if Sheds Unlimited is really an Amish Shed Manufacturing Company. You can find out more about our workforce by clicking below. Here is a short explanation to wet your curiosity. First of all, most of our Storage Shed and Garage Building workforce either grew up in the Old Order Amish or similar communities or is currently within one of the various Amish or Mennonite groups in Lancaster, PA. If you come visit our location early in the morning during the right time of the year you might even see a horse and buggy or scooter pulling in transporting some of our workers.

Meet Our Amish Shed Builders here…

5.Does Sheds Unlimited offer 2 Story Sheds and Garages as Kits?

While we can offer two-story sheds and garages as kits, we this is a much more complicated process than a simple building. If you are looking for a two-story prefab garage kit, we recommend speaking to one of our office staff to find out the price for Sheds Unlimited to come to your location to build a two-story shed or garage on site.
– Single story garages can be bought as kits, but depending on the size we may recommend having our Prefab Garage Team assemble it for you.

6. Why Choose a Prefab Kit from Sheds Unlimited over an 84 Lumber or Home Depot kit?

Sheds Unlimited is an Amish-Mennonite family owned company and builds each prefab kit to the highest standards. Each building is carefully constructed with quality building materials and will outlast almost any metal or plastic sheds.

Watch a Shed Kit Assembly Video

For a copy of the Sheds Unlimited prefab shed kit video or for any questions regarding a storage shed kit, please contact us at 717-442-3281 or email us at

Please Note: if you wish to have Sheds Unlimited assemble the building for you there is an extra cost is 35% on buildings over $3,500 or 40% if the building cost is under $3,500. The prefab cost is also added to any options on the building. In addition, there may be extra storage shed shipping charges depending on your location.

Learn More about DIY Shed Kits

To make it easier for you, the “do-it-yourself” storage shed kits are for sale partially prefabricated to make the assembly of the shed barn kit simple and straightforward. The garden shed kit walls are assembled and the rafters are prebuilt and ready to put into place. While we offer large shed kits as well as small barn kits, on the smaller 6′ and 8′ shed kits, the floor may be partially constructed to make the job even easier.

Sheds Unlimited provides a “How to Build a Shed Kit” DVD plus a detailed “Do-it-Yourself Shed Kit Assembly Instructions” document to assist with the assembly of the storage shed kit building. The video and document will be help make the assembly more smoothly.

Please Note: Our Shed assembly manuals are for semi-professional or an avid DIYer. If you are new to construction, speak with our office team to determine if a Do-it-Yourself Storage Shed package is for you!

Shed kit prices can be found on each of the following pages. Visit the Wooden Storage Shed Prices, Vinyl Sided Storage Shed Prices, Classic Garden Shed Prices or Premier Garden Storage Shed Prices.

Please note that fully assembled buildings and storage shed kits are the same price. This is due to the fact that storage shed kits from Sheds Unlimited are typically assembled in the manufacturing facility. The walls are temporarily put together as though the building was to be delivered as a unit. This allows us to be sure that the parts are properly assembled and also allows us to paint the garden shed kit. Since the DIY shed kit is painted in our facility, it should only need some touch up paint after it is assembled on your property.

Get Your Shed Kit Built by Sheds Unlimited

When to Choose a DIY Storage Shed Kit?

  • If your storage shed site is inaccessible
  • If you simply love working with your hands
  • Save hundreds of dollars by assembling a prefab shed kit versus Sheds Unlimited doing it for you
  • To reduce shed delivery charges. If you live in Long Island, NY, you might save big on a DIY Storage Shed Kit

Shed Kit


purchased the shed kit due to the lack of access to the area of placement for the complete build. The kit was delivered close to the site pad. The kit was packaged very well and was received with no damage. The customer service was outstanding. The shed was excellent quality. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend Sheds Unlimited to anyone. -Clifton