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Portable storage sheds from Sheds Unlimited have near limitless uses. Buy a storage shed and transform it into a backyard studio, a small cottage retreat or a tiny house. Here you will find backyard studio ideas, portable office designs, backyard getaway projects and as the page develops, tiny house ideas. Sheds Unlimited buildings can work at a backyard prefab office space for those who work from home and need a bit of private space. Whatever your needs feel free to call us at 717-442-3281 for a FREE ESTIMATE on the backyard studio retreat of your choice. We will help you design the building and make it the perfect place for work, relaxation or a small cabin.

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Backyard Studio Sewing Room

When Mary Jane McCarty was looking for a backyard sewing studio, she went shopping in Lancaster County among the builders of storage sheds in PA. She ended up at Sheds Unlimited of Gap, PA where Mary Jane purchased a 12×30 Classic Garden Storage Shed and transformed it into a beautiful backyard studio which she uses as a sewing room.

Jane Dagmi writes that “Mary Jane simply wanted a bright and inspired place to create. The talented seamstress, who fabricates one-of-a-kind pillows, lampshades, and other soft goods from mostly antique European textiles, was tired of working in a dark, cold basement. She looked into renting a space in town, but the cost was prohibitive. She entertained building an addition onto her home, but decided against the cost. Then one day Mary Jane looked at her sturdy and useful Amish garden shed and had an epiphany (BobVilla).”

She visited Sheds Unlimited soon thereafter and was impressed by the company and the PA STORAGE SHEDS they produced. They able to provide a custom made backyard studio workshop with insulated windows and glass doors to allow for plenty of interior light for this storage shed turned home studio workshop. Within about six weeks, Sheds Unlimited had built the backyard shed studio and delivered it as a unit to her property in Bucks County, PA.

Next, Mary Jane had the interior of her storage shed insulated and finished to make her backyard sewing studio a homey and warm place to work. Mary Jane says the entire cost of the backyard studio project including the storage shed, insulation, site prep and electrical hookup was around $10,000.00.If you are looking for a small backyard studio for work, a prefab home office or for a backyard retreat, check out the many options in our line of backyard storage sheds. We even offer Two-Story Sheds and Barns which could be transformed into a beautiful backyard studio.

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esponsive on the phone, and courteous. I priced out a bunch of home office sheds–can’t even tell you how many I checked out. I wound up ordering one of the in stock ones, and I can’t be happier. Quick delivery, careful placement of the shed, and the price was great. It is literally like another room in your house complete with insulation, electric, house-grade windows…even light bulbs. Definitely recommend! Stacy – Long Island NY